About the Crew


We are Jenna Miller and Jamie Utzschneider, and we hope to celebrate out 10th wedding anniversary next May in Bora Bora, the site of our honeymoon in 2003 as part of this incredible dream come true to be cruising the world. Our children Leo and Hazel complete the regular Sophie crew, and we will be joined by family and friends throughout our travels. In our shore life we live on Mercer Island, WA and are proud members of the Seattle Yacht Club. Jamie recently retired from Microsoft after nearly 18 years there and Jenna is on a leave of absence from Microsoft as we start the trip. Leo is 8, and Hazel is 4 ½. We’ll give them the opportunity to introduce themselves in their own posts.

10 thoughts on “About the Crew

  1. Wow…. You are finally doing it! The Chan family wishes you well and Faye says if you need any advice on homeschooling front, just FB or email us!

  2. Jenna, Jamie, Leo and Hazel,
    We had a telephone call from Sarah and Terry last night reminding us of this wonderful trip you are experiencing. We have just read all of your blogs and will continue to follow your adventures. What happy memories you are making! We feel like we are the invisible passengers on your cruise. May God bless you and keep you safe.
    Carl and Carol Miller

  3. So great to find out about you today from Don Margraf and to start following your post- we are a family of 8 with 7 of us hoping to leave San Francisco next summer/fall on a catamaran. We arent sure if we’ll do the Pacific spin over a 2year horizon or the Carribean/Central AMerica thing. Really looking forward to spending time on your blog and to send you questions! 🙂

  4. Hi James!
    Last time I’ve talked to Amy, she metioned about this trip and today I’ve found this site. I am amazed with the posts: Tunas, tatoos, 2nd honeymoon…

    Have a GREAT time and memorable moments with your Family and Friends!

    Grande Abraço,

  5. Jenna and Jamie,
    My name is Jens Hakansson and I am a retired Swedish Air Force helicopter pilot. I am now living in Phuket, Thailand and been following your adventures with the Swedish Navy on the blogg. Do you have any email adress that I can contact you on. I don not use Facebook.
    Best Regards,


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