Long Beach to Newport Beach



For our next leg we did the short 14 nautical mile hop from Long Beach to Newport Beach, and for the first time since the Bay Area we could sail. There was a 10-15 knot northerly, and Sophie sailed 7-9+ knots on a reach under main and jib. It was relaxing to be out on the water in the sunshine with the engines turned off, a reminder of why we are doing this trip in the first place. Unfortunately Jenna is not here … she flew up to Oakland to retrieve our car and is driving down to meet us at the dock at Corona del Mar.


After we dropped the sails, Leo and I were motoring up the Newport Beach channel when this guy in a kayak asked if he could draft behind us. “This northerly is killing me.” Of course we said yes, and for 5 minutes he paddled one foot behind Sophie. He said it was just like NASCAR. It was pretty cool.

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