Day 9

Water Play

Our position at noon today is 12.44 n 122.58 w, which means we have sailed 136 miles in the last 24 hours. Our pace slowed down a bit due to a fish stop (we dropped the chute so Dan could land a 5 lb Ahi on the trolling line) and the fact that during our sunset discussion of whether or not we should drop the chute for the evening in 20 knts true wind speed, we looked up and saw something resembling a big squall coming right at us. Chute dropped, main up, westerly course of 240-250 at 5 knts in a 12 knt breeze for a warm, starlit evening cruise. There was no squall, but everyone slept quite well. Right now we have the chute back up and are sailing at 6 knots on a 215 deg course in 14 knots of wind. At this pace we will hit the halfway mark to Hiva Oa (1420 nautical miles) late tomorrow night.

But enough about sailing.

Last night’s dinner was pan seared line-caught Ahi tuna on a bed of organic baby spinach, ruby red grapefruit, avacado, and roasted pistachios. I had just re-read Joshua Slocum’s “Sailing Alone Around the World”, and it turns out he used that recipe off the coast of Brazil, so we thought we’d give it a shot. It was delicious.

In terms of nature, Jenna saw a sea turtle this morning, and Rich found a flying fish alive and flapping on the floor of our galley. It apparently flew in over the dinghy and SUPS, through the aft cockpit, and onto the cabin floor. We assume it was surprised and bummed at the result of its leap.

Finally, we invented a new game/washing routine for the kids that they call “Water Play”. Leo and Hazel put on swim shorts and safety harnesses, clip in to the safety shackle near the windlass, and then bounce on the trampolines while I squirt them with 78 degree seawater from the deck hose. After a half hour of this, I switch to fresh water and shampoo the kids’ hair. They have an absolute blast! We have clean kids without heating up the cabins! I can’t imagine why I never thought of this during our summer cruises in Puget Sound and the San Juans, and I can’t wait to share this new fun activity with all of our cruising friends when we return.

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