Passage Photos: Food

Here’s the first wave of Jenna’s passage photos. This set focuses on some of the food we ate during our trip from San Diego to Nuku Hiva. I hope you enjoy looking at all of this as much as we enjoyed eating it! And please remember, almost all of this was prepared and consumed while we were roughing it over a thousand miles away from the nearest land.

For starters, Rich lives in Germany and he loves his frying pan. This is a little something or other he prepared with sausage, mushroom, onion, peppers and a sauce.


Grapefruit, baby spinach, and roasted nut salad.


Our first fish, some nice albacore tuna.


This is how we prepared some of the albacore.


Hazel, suffering.


Leo, doing dishes!!!


The boys.


Hazel, getting in on the dishwashing action as well.


The children, selecting their pizza toppings.


A grownup pizza on pizza night.


Pizza dough.


An apple pie Jenna prepared with the kids.


Since we limited the amount of movies the kids could watch, Leo found an alternative form of entertainment.


Kid pizza.


This is what 17 pounds of fresh raw yellowfin tuna looks like. (For those of you who have been on Sophie before, this is one of our big plastic salad bowls, probably 15 inches across).


Richy at his stove.


We tried to eat at least one meal a day, usually dinner, together as a group at the aft cockpit table.


This is Richy’s “Gratin”, about 10 pounds of potatoes, ham, cheeses, onions and other goodness. It lasted about 8 hours.


3 thoughts on “Passage Photos: Food

  1. Happy Belated Birthday Jenna. It sounds like you had a good one. I love getting your blogs, and reading about all of your adventures. The food looks delicious. It was fun seeing the pictures. Betty

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