Ink Day

C18T8291 (800x523)

Today in Moorea we hopped into the dinghy at 7:45 this morning, crossed the reef that connects Opunohu Bay with Cook’s Bay, and had a family outing at the local tattoo parlor in Paopao.

C18T8278 (800x533)

I went first. Mine is a yellowfin tuna on my right shoulder. I am glad I did 97 pushups this morning. Now that I have a large tattoo that is visible under all short sleeve shirts, I have decided to dedicate my life to improving my biceps and triceps.

C18T8288 (800x538)

Becca went next. Hers is an incredibly small tatoo of a Tahitian gardenia on her hip. No one will ever see this in public.

By the way, getting tattoos turns out to be incredibly painful. I brought a hip flask of scotch with me. I am not sure if it helped ease the pain, but we passed it around. It made for a fun morning.

C18T8279 (800x533)

Max followed Becca. His tattoo, on his upper right shoulder, is a unique design representing man and woman surrounded by family surrounded by ocean.

C18T8297 (800x532)

Jenna went last. She has an awesome design of a ray on her inner right ankle that symbolizes our family and our ocean crossing. The two marks at the base of the wing represent our children. It’s beautiful and will look especially great when she wears high heeled sandals!

Leo and Hazel chose to not get tattoos today.


8 thoughts on “Ink Day

  1. Like the tats! All very tasteful. Like Jenna’s the best, but hard to choose. Great to see the posts! Wish we were there!

  2. Jenna! That must have been an extra painful spot!!! – good idea on the scotch! 🙂 And like all the tats, very tasteful. Awesome!!

  3. So awesome! Jenna, I had a friend get one on her foot and I heard it is EXTRA painful, so great job on toughing it out. Yours is definitely my favorite, but I like them all!

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