Hazel’s Thanksgiving Letter to Her Cousin Birgit

Hazel had a school assignment this week to write a friendly letter to someone. She decided to write a letter to her cousin Birgit, who joined us for a very short visit back in September. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here it is. Enjoy.

“Dear Birgit,

In Fiji we met a boat named Per Ardua with three children on it. Their names are Sam, Isla, and Erin. They live on a monohull with their parents. They went to Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, the Hermit Islands, and Jayapura. Now we are sailing to Sorong. We play trampoline tag with Per Ardua, it is tag on the trampoline. There is only one more day ’til Thanksgiving.



P.S. I can’t wait ’til Thanksgiving!”

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