6 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Your Christmas view is spectacular! We have such a creative God. His handiwork is amazing. We send you hugs and love and the joy of so many Christmases spent together. I’ve been looking at family photos. Wow Jenna, we have had some (not sure how to word this) interesting hair styles over the years!
    Merry Christmas! Love you all. Who will read the Christmas story this year?
    Aunt Candy

  2. What a beautiful Christmas card! Merry Christmas to the four of you…we all miss you in the Allen Street ‘hood! Love, Colleen and Steve

  3. Happy Holidays! Looks like life continues to treat you well. Like everyone one else on you FB treads, we keep threatening to meet you somewhere on your journey. Maybe when you make it to the other side of Oz or the Indian Ocean.

    Joe Grojean

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