Marquesas Trip Day 1

Hi everyone. We’re off to a good start. At noon today our position is 32.52.2 n 117.54.540 w. We’re sailing with full jib and main around 8 knots on a heading of 194m with a 14 knot wind to our beam. Our goal for the day is is to avoid Guadaloupe Island. We’ve made 116 nm from the San Diego fuel dock in 20.5 hours.

We had a quiet night. We started out with code zero and full main and at sunset tucked in a reef while switching to the jib. We went back to the code zero this morning until the wind picked up and veered more to the west.

It’s really cold and overcast, Seattle style. (Which is where we left most of our warm clothing :-). The kids are doing great, and Dan and Rich are wonderful crew. We’re debugging a few systems and are still putting things away. Sophie LOVES being back offshore.

We’ll do another update at noon tomorrow and will start measuring how much sea we cover in 24 hours. Also, you can start tracking our progress at

3 thoughts on “Marquesas Trip Day 1

  1. Well done – enjoy a couple days of missing your cold weather clothes. Soon they will be a distant memory. πŸ™‚

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