Marquesas Trip Day 2

Another good day, with a much calmer night last night. At noon today our position is 28.34.065 n 118.51.374 w. We’re sailing with the chute and no main straight downwind on our rhumb line at 3-4 knots. We made 147 miles over a 24 hour period and would have broken 150 if we hadn’t wrapped the chute around the forestay. It took an hour to unravel, but its back up with no tears. Then the wind died. We are now in mid 60’s sunshine, running the genset, doing laundry and hanging out.

Best of all, we’ve ditched our Seattle clothes for shorts and sunhats. Jenna is making lasagne for dinner. We hope to see more dolphins again after the sun goes down. They leave torpedo wakes of phosphorescence directly under the trampolines, a site that’s pretty remarkable, even for dolphin sightings.

3 thoughts on “Marquesas Trip Day 2

  1. We are Mike and Lee Brown, also SYC members and cruisers. I learned about you from Steve Chapin who is my high school classmate (along with Colleen, of course). AND we are heading to Tahiti in ten days then Hiva Oa to meet up with RTW cruising friends of ours. Where and when do you plan to get to French Polynesia?? Sounds like WE might miss you, but Scott and Mary Piper on Pipe Dream IX will be in Bora Bora about the same time as you.. They are on their way now to Hiva Oa from the Galapagos. Small world 🙂
    Their position today: 8.10 degrees S by 128 W.

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