Day 3

Last night the Pacific was more quiet than I’ve ever seen Lake Washington. Our position at noon today is 27.18.01 n 118.53.927 w. That’s a rock’in and rollin’ 76.1 nm in 24 hours. We basically sat in glass-like water looking at stars for most of the night. They were beautiful stars, and even though we are still keeping the two-on-at-a time schedule at night, everyone had a good night’s sleep. We’ve also done four loads of laundry and multiple boat projects.

Currently we are sailing at 4-5 knots SOG in 7 knots of apparent wind on a course of 143 magnetic. We’re basically back on the rhumbline, and we hope to make up for our slow day starting tonight. Wind forecast is for 10-15 building tonight then 15-20 on Friday and Saturday building to 20-25 with gusts to 30 on Sunday and Monday, all from the WNW then NW then NE. This is the wind we had coming down off Oregon in September, and Sophie cruised comfortably at average speeds over 10 knots with 2 reefs in the main and half the jib up. Can we do it again? We’ll see.

It’s also warmer, with a cockpit temperature reading of 66 degrees. All-in-all we are off to a good start.

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