Passage Photos: Equator

We are taking advantage of the Wifi here in Fakarava to get caught up on some of the photos Jenna has taken during our trip. This collection covers the day when we crossed the equator on the way from San Diego to Nuku Hiva.

For starters, here is our money shot. This is the screen on our Raymarine chart plotter when it said we were exactly at the equator. Please note the 00.00.00s on the screen.


It’s a once in a lifetime moment. To celebrate, we all decided to jump into the ocean.

First the grownups.





Then the kids. Since we were dealing with a 2 knot current, we rigged a life ring on a line behind the boat so we wouldn’t lose them. (Jenna and I would also like to point out that these are excellent “before” photos of us, we are now in much better shape. 🙂 )


C18T5725 (640x427)

C18T5735 (640x427)

Then we celebrated with some sparkling grape juice. (Jenna’s wine would remain untouched until we had our anchor down in Nuku Hiva). Leo provided a wonderful toast.

C18T5742 (640x427)



And that was the equator.

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