Passage Photos: FISH!

Now let’s get to the important content. Here are shots of the fish we bagged on the way to Nuku Hiva.

For starters, for most of the trip we had 2 lines out. One was a “meat line”, meaning 25 feet of 300 pound test line tied directly to Sophie. Here is a shot of the tin can alarm Leo constructed to alert us to meat line hits.


The other line was an offshore pole in a holder. This is where we got our first fish, an Ahi tuna that Dan landed.






We also landed an Ahi on the meat line.

Of course, our big fish event was the “double takedown” of 2 yellowfin tuna at the  same time.






This is what 38 pounds of tuna looks like an hour after being caught on Sophie:


Of course, tuna weren’t our only Sophie fish. Here are some of our almost daily flying fish found on deck.


Once we were in Nuku Hiva, Dan kept on fishing and landed this bad boy while we were at anchor.



We also had a lot of fish that got away, including this one that I fought for half an hour.


All in all, fishing has simply become a core part of our lives on this trip. It’s a blast, and it keeps our freezer full.

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