Mahi-mahi attack!

Given all the fishing we’ve been doing lately, it may surprise some of you to learn that Leo had never reeled in a big fish on Sophie, until now. We left Suva harbor without fueling up, intending to sail to the Kadavu island group, about 50 miles to the south.

FIJ_0099 (800x522)

Out in the open water, however, we discovered the wind was on our nose instead of the predicted easterlies, so we turned west towards Beqa (pronounced “mbenga”) and surfed downwind on a reach in light air. A couple hours later Jamie yelled “Fish! Fish! Fish!” so I turned the boat upwind to slow down. Jamie grabbed the pole and moved over to the port steps while the fish ran a bit.  “It looks like a small mahi-mahi. Hey Leo, do you want to land this one?”

Oh yeah!

Leo grabbed the pole, braced himself on the deck and started to reel in.

FIJ_0100 (800x526)

Game on!

FIJ_0107 (800x532)

In the water, the mahi-mahi is a brilliant blue. It’s remarkable how quickly this fades to yellow after it’s caught.

FIJ_0110 close-up (800x535)

This girl put up a good fight! Leo said it was hard and felt like the reel was stuck most of the time, even though the fish was getting closer. He asked me to title this post mahi-mahi attack.

FIJ_0117 (587x800)

Leo held steady while Jamie stood by with the net.

FIJ_0121 (598x800)

Success! One in the net.

FIJ_0126 (800x533)

It turns out this wasn’t such a small fish after all.

FIJ_0127 (800x527)

Over 10 pounds, Leo had trouble holding her up with one hand. I love his smile.

FIJ_0134 (800x525)

To celebrate we ate spice-rubbed mahi-mahi over watercress and cucumber salad with pickled ginger vinaigrette for lunch and made ceviche with the rest. Congratulations Leo on your first mahi-mahi take down!

8 thoughts on “Mahi-mahi attack!

  1. Great job! That really is quite a big fish. reminds me of my first dolphin- which was not as big as the mahi you landed.

    Good practice for catching bluefish in the Chesapeake if you make it this way…Except the bluefish are stronger and nastier. So, keep fishing and you will be ready.

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