Say “Happy Birthday” to Leo!


Leo turned 9 years old this morning, anchored off of the island of Nanuya-Sewa in Fiji’s Blue Lagoon. Birthdays come early on this side of the International Dateline. He’ll spend the day exploring caves, swimming, fishing, and watching a Fijian fire dance celebration. If you can’t join us today but want to participate in our celebration of this amazing, smart, great-haired boy whom we all love so much, then please leave your birthday wishes for him in the comments section of this blog.


27 thoughts on “Say “Happy Birthday” to Leo!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEO from Uncle Rob, Aunt Cathy, Annie and Will — wow — you are a blond 9 year old enjoying an unusually terrific birthday! xoxo

  2. Hey birthday buddy! Happy Birthday – you’re 9 now, and you are growing up so fast. Hope you have a fun day – and if I were there, we would go fishing!

  3. Happy Berfday Leo!!! Hope you are having an AMAZING time with your family sailing around the world!! You are the envy of every kid in the world, not only because of the amazing journey you are on with your Mom, Dad and Hazel but because grown women and men would kill for your hair 🙂 big hugs!!! Robin

  4. Happy Birthday Leo from the Concord Millers (friends of your mom and grandparents). We hope you had a great day and celebrated by another good fishing day. We loved the pictures of you with that huge mahi-mahi. What a catch! Blessings. C & C

  5. Leo, what an amazing birthday celebration! Hope you have a perfect day filled with experiences that you love.

    We love you,
    Aunt Candy and Uncle Larry

  6. Happy birthday, Leo! I can’t believe that little lemon Leo is 9 years old already! We miss you at Bennett’s and on the island. Have a super day!


    Ps every time I watch the Patriots play, I think of you!

  7. Happy Birthday Leo! Did you know the legal driving age in Fiji is 9? You are now legally allowed to drive in Fiji!!! You should get your parents to rent you a car and take you out driving!

    Best wishes for your last year of single digit age!


  8. Congrats Leo!!!

    Enjoy the day (of your birthday), the adventure (of a lifetime as you sail this year) and the dream (of a great future surrounded by family and friends).

    • Sara, that is pretty much the funniest thing we’ve ever seen. We hurt from laughing. Love, Dad and crew.

      Sara, That was very funny. It was one of the best videos I’ve ever seen. Love, L.

  9. Happy Birthday Leo! We are very impressed you reeled in a 10+ pound mahi mahi.
    Say hello to everybody and have a great time.

    Love Alice John Joey and Luke.

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