NZ to Fiji Day 5: Hot, Happy, and Heading for Home

Our current position is 22.52S 177.45E, which means that we covered 193 miles over the last 24 hours using various combinations of jib, reefed main, full main, and code zero. No motor! We were pushing for a 200 mile day, but the wind died on us in the last 2 hours so we have to settle for the consolation prize of achieving an 8+ knot average speed over the last 24 hours. Sophie smells the barn and is heading for home. We are 240 miles from Kandavu in South Fiji and just 372 miles from our destination in Savusavu. We have traveled 784 miles since we left Tutukaka. Given that we still have over half of our fuel remaining, as long as the weather remains the same and that nothing important breaks, we still plan to make customs dock on Wednesday.

We are having a great trip. It’s now 91 degrees in the main salon, the skies are sunny, and the seas are flat. Everyone is in t-shirts and shorts. Except Dan, who went topless for a while this morning. The stereo is on, and the kids held an interpretive trampoline bouncing contest, competing over who did the best bouncing in categories including athletic, artistic, favorite movie character, fish out of water, sleeper, grandparent, Uncle Richy (Leo’s dance involving a pantomime flying fish required an interpretation for our-out-of town judges), sprinkler dance, and vegan. Hazel won most of the competitions, but Leo’s light saber dance jump won overall best in show.

Earlier today Hazel declared that she was now strict vegan, but then later switched to vegetarian when she learned that her veganism would prevent her from eating her chocolate egg trampoline bouncing prize. We’ll see how this continues.

We have 3 meat lines in the water in the hope of landing a yellowfin tuna or mahi mahi. Dinner tonight will be steaks and vegan sausages cooked on the new barbecue. The moon is getting brighter every night, the stars are dazzling, and I am now about to enter the phase of the passage where I regret that it will soon end.

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