NZ to Fiji Day 6: Time for the Truck Driving Music

We’ve had fluky wind over the last 24 hours. We started the evening with a nice run under full jib and mainsail, and I woke up at midnight to help Alison tuck a reef into the main after we started seeing gusts into the twenties. But during my watch at 4:00 AM, our sailing speed was down to 5 knots.

So I made a decision. I turned on a motor, put on a song, and broke out into a big grin.

“Well I pulled out of Pittsburgh, rolling down that eastern seaboard,
I’ve got my diesel wound up and she’s a running like a never before,
There’s a speed zone ahead, but alright,
I don’t see a cop in sight,
Six days on the road and I’m a gonna make it home tonight”

Yup, after 50 hours of sailing, it’s diesel time. Technically we won’t make it home tonight, but I am grinning because we are in great shape. Our noontime position is 28.51S 176.24E. Only 198 miles separate us from SavuSavu. We’ve covered 957 miles since leaving Tutukaka and 174 miles over the last 24 hours. Most importantly, we still have over half of our fuel left. We are currently making 8.2 knots with both sails up and both engines running at 2500 RPMs. We’ll make the customs dock tomorrow afternoon and hope to catch a peak of Kandavu before sunset.

It’s so hot and humid right now that it has become uncomfortable to sit in the sun. There is a very light cloud cover, there is very little wind, and there is a decent sized swell coming at us from the stern. I am sure the boards are out at Cloud Break. Jenna is running Sophie school, Dan is taking a nap, Alison is cooking lunch, and Ravi is driving. We haven’t caught any fish, but the water looks fishy. Hopefully we’ll get something as we pass by the Great Astrolabe Reef.

Lunch and dinner today will include vegetables, vegetables, vegetables, and maybe some fruit. We brought too much. We also might snag some Internet coverage as we pass by Vitu Levu. If so, I will try to post some marlin photos. Stay tuned.

This is turning into one of our easiest passages ever.

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