North to the Dumplings

We raised anchor at Sembilan this morning after a lovely four day stay and have begun a 300 mile leg northward as we resume our journey to Singapore. Our next planned stop is at Pulau Mesanak in the Lingga Islands. We hope to arrive there on Monday, rest a day, and then head another 50 miles to Nongsa Point Marina on the northern tip of Pulau Batam. This will be our first visit to a marina since we were in Vanuatu last September! We will clear out of Indonesia at Nongsa Point, then cross a very busy 10 mile strait and enter Singapore.

We told Hazel that Singapore has a majority Chinese population, and she asked if that meant we would be able to buy dumplings there. Dumplings are her favorite food. We assume we will be able to buy her dumplings there every day if she would like us to do so. Needless to say she has become quite excited, and we are now undertaking what appears to be a dumpling cruise.

As part of our dumpling cruise, we will once again pass into the Northern Hemisphere sometime tomorrow. We will likely remain up north until we arrive in the Maldives about a year from now. It is going to feel good to be back on top again.

As usual, we are motoring along at 5 knots on one engine with little wind. The South China Sea is quite flat right now and surprisingly shallow, with depths ranging from 70 to 130 feet between here and Singapore. The charts also show shipwrecks on the ocean floor every ten miles in all directions. I assume most of these were ships sunk during World War II.

Our rest at Sembilan was just what the doctor ordered. We snorkeled the coral reef twice a day, played games, watched movies, conducted Sophie School, and cleaned the boat. We have all become big fans of Pandemic, a global strategy game where the players collaborate in an attempt to rid the world of disease. It’s kind of like Risk without the hatred or fistfights.

Last night we had a sunset fire on the beach where we cooked the last of the jars of German sausage along with balls of bread dough that we roasted over the open fire. We were able to provision at the market in Kumai before we left and have enough fruit and vegetables on board to get us to Singapore. And those dumplings…

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2 thoughts on “North to the Dumplings

  1. Hello dear Jamie and family! I had breakfast with your parents last November following the annual Mass for Deceased Doctors at Saint Vincent’s Hospital in Worcester. (Do you remember those breakfasts? The Utzschneider and Massarelli boys SOOOO excited about all-you-can-eat hospital food). Rudy and Pat were full of Sailing Sophie, so I took a peek and now I am completely hooked. I fell in love with your family during the Christmas pageant, and now I anticipate your postings with as much joy as a letter from an old friend. Thank you for the great gift to all of us who know you, for the life you are living!
    Love, Jo

    • Jo, how can I possibly craft a thoughtful reply to such a nice note from a person who had such a powerful impact on my life? I still remember the conversations we used to have while sitting outside Ralph’s in Worcester. I’m sure I was 15 and you were sorta kinda 18. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that some friendships last forever. Thanks for reaching out. Come join us in Thailand. Why not?

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