Anchor Down


Sophie dropped her anchor at Palau Mesanak at 10:00 AM this morning, covering the 300 miles from Semolina in 52 hours. We sailed most of last night under full jib and main at 6-8 knots, having great fun in the process. Our current position is 00.24.255N, 104.33.510E.

Mesanak is a lovely little island with a sheltered harbor with 15 big fish traps on stilts. One of them is pictured with Leo, above.

We will rest here until tomorrow morning, then make our way to Nongsa Point. More later.

1 thought on “Anchor Down

  1. It was great meeting all of you in Borneo and shearing the orangutans experience !!
    Your big life adventure in Sophie travelling the world is one of the most amazing thing I have never heard!! Your children are adorable and you and your husband are so cool…
    If you stop in the North of Spain, please let me know it!!!
    Kisses, Irache and Pedro (our guide in Camp Leakey gave your daughter a leaves’ crown)

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