“Merry ChrisTRImas”

A year ago I wrote a post called “Putting the Cat in Licata“, describing all of the catamarans that were wintering with us in Licata, Sicily. This year we are spending a few weeks in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands preparing for our Atlantic crossing, and we are suddenly surrounded by some cool trimarans that would make GREAT last minute Cristmas gifts for that special someone in your life.

Our next door neighbour is a Rapido 60, a cruising trimaran that can go 30 knots on a broad reach. 

It’s the only sailboat I’ve ever seen with wingtips on its rudder.

It’s a very fast-looking yet comfortable design, with a bimini over the steering station, a nice cruising cockpit, an airy salon, and two staterooms. According to Yachtworld, you can take this baby home for just US$1.5 million.

Unfortunately, it looks like this boat had its mast come down, breaking a solar panel and a handrail in the process. Too bad, because this looks like a very fun boat to sail. It would make a nice fixer-upper.

Right up the dock from the Rapido is a Neel 45, a cruising trimaran that won some boat of the year awards when it was introduced 5 years ago. I’ve read about these boats but have never seen one in person. Unlike the Rapido, the Neel extends the salon across all 3 hulls, combining the room of a cat with the speed of a tri (in theory). The company claims the boat will average 10 knots on extended offshore passages. That means going from here to Barbados in 10 days, a length of time that fits inside the window between the New England Patriots last regular season football game and their first playoff game (assuming they secure the bye.)

Talk about having it all!

I like the way they designed the dinghy davits between the ama and the main hull on the Neel. I also like the big swimstep. This very boat is for sale for just US$500K. Just the ticket for that someone special in your life.

Merry ChrisTRImas, everybody, from all of us here on Sophie!

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